Must Read Before Betting

Series: Betting Tips and Tricks

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Before entering in to bet keep the following factor in mind.

Either you should find out the winning team from team power, pitch report, astrology power or you should have or if you have winning prediction from some expert. After getting winning team prediction from expert, you should plan your betting action as under.

Strategy No  1 :- If you know your predictor is expert then spare a small amount like 10k or more and keep investing on winning team predicted by expert and don’t withdraw the profit and invest all profit on the same predicted winning team of each match.  If you win continuously 10 matches and prediction of winning team is correct then with Risk of 10k after 10 matches you may get 10240000 (1.25 CR). If you lose in between and prediction of any expert fails then you will lose only 10k


Strategy no 2 :- You have an expert prediction and you play as per winning prediction if your daily limit is 1 lakh and you play with the same amount per match then you may get 10 lakh in 10 matches that too if all predictions are true. But you should not leave strategy No 1. If you have 1 Lakh limit then in every match you should put 10k on expert prediction in every match and if 10 predictions are correct you will get 1cr.


Strategy No 3:- Always keep the following things in mind.

  1. Keep in mind if some expert predictor predict a team then that team is strong due to some angle. These factors Angles are Favorites team, Pitch report, Weather, Team batters and bowlers power. If there is rain then most of the times 2nd bat wins. If fog then most of the times 2nd bat wins. If pitch report is favoring 1st or 2nd bat than then team gets a plus point. When bet fair declare a team strong then we must give importance to that team.
  2. If you know any of the above factor and you feel predicted team may get benefit of any of the above and you get small rate for other team, then defeat it at all rate below 10 paisa and save your risk when rate comes to above 50 paisa.
  3. Who can give Jackpot 1. Strong team scoring high and in 2nd bat weather or fog help and high score is chased. 2. Strong team makes low scoring due to pitch conditions and weak team on 2nd bat did not chase. No weather or fog help. Both strong team fight or both weak team fight then high score is chased and low score is defended.
  4. Don’t be greedy. Keep your risk equal in every match. Avoid extra faith, high emotions, greediness and a belief that this team will win. We must think if that team may lose than what we should do. In cricket first think of negative side.
  5. Wish you all the best for cricket betting and we hope you  will keep in mind all these tips.