Sudarshan Chakra

Sudarshan Chakra

Sudarsana Chakra

In each chart, there are 3 important reference points: (1) lagna, (2) Moon, and, (3) Sun. Lagna represents the physical body. Moon represents the mind. Sun represents the soul. The three together represent one’s self. We should consider houses from all the three reference points when judging a chart. For example, we need to look at the 10th house from lagna, Moon and Sun to see career. Though we typically give importance to lagna, all the three references are important.

To symbolically represent this, we can draw Sudarsana Chakra (SC) as taught by Parasara. We should draw 3 concentric circles. We should write down the bhava chakra with respect to lagna, Moon and Sun in the inner, middle and outer charts. The 10th house from lagna is in Sg and it has Ketu. The 10th house from Moon is Sc and it is empty. The 10th house from Sun is Aries and it is empty. We should analyze all the 3 factors together to draw conclusions.


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