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World Best Astrology Software Free Download

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Software Features:

Download world's best astrology software with more than 50 pages horoscope free. Astrologers can customised and enter their own prediction free. Register with us for discount offers, news and updates. This free software contains the following features and it is absolutely free:

  • Horoscope Chart
  • Birth Details
  • Planetary Position
  • Sudershan Chakra
  • Friendship Chart
  • Shadvargas Chart
  • Saptavargas Chart
  • Dasavargas Chart
  • Shodasavargas Chart
  • Vargas-All Charts
  • Maha Dasha-Antar Dasha
  • Antar -Partyantar Dasha
  • Partyantar -Sookshma Dasha
  • Sookshma Dasa-Pran Dasa
  • Yogini Dasa
  • Char Dasa
  • Ashtakvarga Chart
  • Sadesati
  • Lucky Stone
  • Luck Change Possibility
  • Planet Bol
  • House Bol
  • Luck Changer
Horoscope Predictions:
  • Kalsarpa Yoga
  • Horoscope Predictions
  • Gandmool
  • Vedic Prediction && Remedies
Daily Horoscope:
  • Rahu kaal
  • Panchak
  • Numerology Prediction
Admin Control:
  • Models
  • Astrologer Address
  • Ayanamsa
  • Category
  • Chart Style
  • Planet Color
  • Change Font
  • Report Option