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Kundali Matching on Birth Horoscope

Whenever marriage is planned, the matching of Gunas or traits/characteristics is a matter of prime importance. Some people rely on this assumption while some people do not. This is similar to some people believing and some people not believing in God, which does not in any manner impact the existence of God. Similarly accepting or not accepting the impact of matching horoscopes before marriage does not impact the planetary influences on life. But the horoscope matching prevalent nowadays is primarily the birth horoscope whereas for the purpose of marriage only Navmasha horoscope is of primary importance. While matching the planetary influences only two major considerations are usually taken into account, the matching of the Moon and the checking of Manglik yoga. Efforts are usually not made to ascertain other planetary influences even when they greatly affect both the bride and the groom for example, If Shukra (Venus) is not good the marital life would not be good, if Budh (Mercury) is not good there will be more girls born in the wedlock, if Rahu is bad then there would be police cases and if Ketu is bad there would not be any children. It is, therefore, extremely important that whenever a marital relationship is being entered into, just the two usual considerations should not be taken into account but the impact of other planets in the horoscope should also be given its due importance. When the various considerations do not match only on the basis of the birth horoscope it becomes even more important to match the Navmansha Matching horoscope which is available on our site and is probably not available on any other website in the world. It is often the case that many Gunas do not match up based only on the birth horoscope but they match up while considering the Navmansha horoscope and a good match is saved on the basis of the Navmansha horoscope. Marriage is an important aspect of life, it is therefore important that before the marriage ceremony is solemnized, the bride and the groom's horoscope should be studied in great detail to avoid facing problems later on in life.
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