How to find possible timings of marriage from horoscope

How to find possible timings of marriage from horoscope

Timings of Marriage


How to find Timing of Marriage

In order to find out the year or month when a person is likely to be engaged or married, the positions of Venus, Mercury & Saturn (all friends) are to be thoroughly taken into consideration along with their friendly aspects in the Annual chart. Saturn, Venus & Mercury are friends and they should be thoroughly studied before predicting marriage yoga; of course, Ketu's position may also be considered as it is a great friend of Saturn & Venus, but Mercury & Ketu together are enemies i.e. one is exalted and the other is malefic. The following positions of these planets may be examined in Annual chart:

  1. If Saturn favourably aspects Venus; or Venus & Mercury favourably aspect each other or Saturn & Venus aspect each other and above all, Saturn occupies the 101 or 7tl1 house, marriage yoga is formed.
  2. When Mercury & Venus are separately positioned in the horoscope; and both of them favourably aspect each other, marriage time may be predicted, provided Mercury is not in no.12, where it is malefic & destroy the 6th house.
  3. Even if Venus or Mercury is malefic in the horoscope and Jupiter, Sun or Mars are associated with Venus or Moon, marriage may be predicted when Saturn helps Venus or Saturn occupies 1st house.
  4. If Venus of Mercury occupies the 1st house, marriage may be predicted.
  5. If Venus of Mercury occupies House No. 2, or 10 to 12 (expect (Mercury in no. 12), marriage yoga is formed.

         If Venus of Mercury is positioned in House No. 7 (provided Moon, Sun or Rahu should not be marriage may be predicated.


This all calculations is based on horoscope for which date of birth, time and place of birth is the base. You can find our marriage timings by visiting