Vastu Remedies for Good Monthly Income, Lottery Yoga, Honor

Vastu Remedies for Good Monthly Income, Lottery Yoga, Honor

Vastu Tips for Good Income and Lottery Yoga


Vastu Remedies for Good Income, Lottery Yoga


  1. To increase father’s money and to create Lottery Yoga for self, get Divine Help, and to be True Lover

Keep Books, Gold or Yellow Sapphire, Photo of Hen or Garud Bird, Lion ( Babbar Sher), Pagri (Turban) in the North West Direction of your House.

  1. To get honor you can keep items given at No 1 and Shinning copper, Monkey Photo, Mountain Cow Photo, Ruby Gemstone in the Inner West Direction of your house. Keep in mind that both the things if simultaneously kept in their direction only then honor will come.

  2. For Good Monthly Income:  Keep Sword, Normal Lion Photo, Deer or Tiger Photo, Hanuman Ji Photo, Honey in the Inner West Direction of your house and at the same time keep shoes and socks, Bherav Ji photo, Dry Plants, Iron and Steel Material in the South West Direction of your house.

  3. Horoscope remedies and Vastu remedies if done simultaneously then gives immediate results.

  4. If your luck percent is not good in yearly horoscope then you should perform safety remedies and precautions of the year immediately. If luck percent is good even then you should perform these remedies otherwise good luck percent may not give effect

  5. In case for daily luck, if your day luck is down then you should perform daily remedies. In case of urgent work, or decisions like interview, surgery or operation we should do daily remedies which gives effect in one hour.

  6. You must fix a target for the year and accordingly you should change your Vastu and do quick remedies according to your target.

  7. Direction should be measured from the center of the house.



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