Mohan Astrology Started Football and Tennis Predictions

Mohan Astrology Started Football and Tennis Predictions

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We received many request and feedback to start Football, Tennis Predictions, Horse Racing and Matka Lottery Predictions.
Keeping in view demand of Mohan Astrology users we have started Football and Tennis Predictions. Soon we will start Horse Racing
and Matka Lottery Predictions. All these games are very profitable but some principles has to be followed otherwise it is more than hell.
We make lot of research to find out possibility of profit in such games. In cricket there are 2 or 3 options like A team winor B team win or
Draw. But in Horse racing and Matka lottery there are many combination out of which we have to find out possible winners in numbers and name.
If you enter such games you must follow the following principles.

Always keep the following tips in mind while betting

1. It is better to keep away from any betting or any such bad habit but if you can't then follow the below mentions principles

2. Keep your risk amount equal in every game

3. Follow best tippers tips as they have made a lot of research and efforts to find out predictions

4. If you loose one game double your risk in next game and if again loose then again double it but not 4th time. In 4th time again come to Ist bet risk amount.

5. After winning Ist, 2nd or 3rd game again keep your risk what you had at your first game.

6. In football make entry after proper wait

7. In most games in semifinals strong team may loose and week may win so be vigilant but in final strong team normally wins

8. In matka lottery never play a big amount on one number it is risky.

9. In matka lottery you can get 60000 per month profit if you take  a risk of 5 thousand per day by getting. One one lack risk per day you can earn 12 lacs a month.

10. Never forget fixing is there in 70% games. In Cricket 70% Favorite pass in International matches and 60% pass in domestic matches.

11. A good tipper tips may even fail for 4-5 times continuously but when his tips for passing 15-20 times continously that can make you Millionaire.

12. To increase profit in horse racing leave Ist favourite horse and select 2,3,4 favorite horses if tip allow. You will definetly earn good.

Keep these tips in mind when ever you enter betting. You will get good profit and less loss.


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