Change your luck with lucky Gemstones but how ?

Change your luck with lucky Gemstones but how ?

Which Gemstones to wear, Where to wear and When to wear. Change Your luck with Gemstones now.

Change your luck with lucky gemstones right now

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 This article can change your luck. Follow the tips and compare your luck after one year.

Gemstones change our luck with positive, negative and neutral effect. No doubt they change our luck but the way how, when and where gemstones should wear is a science. This article is to help all those who are unaware about the concept of Gemstones and their effect. Every gemstones precious or semi-precious bear’s property of that planet to which it relates. More the purity, color, clearness more will be its affect. We can wear Gemstones to achieve different targets in life. A group of gemstones also signifies a target which these will fulfil. We can wear Gemstones in Finger, Neck and other body parts.
Wearing a gemstones in all these three parts gives different impact on luck percentage. Mohan Astrology has provided a facility on its website to check the effect of gemstones on different body parts. For that you will have to enter your birth details on this site. Go to this link. Enter your birth details and go to last item of the page ‘check luck % for gemstones’. Here you can select if you want to know luck percent of a gemstones or a group of gemstones on Birth Horoscope basis or Yearly Horoscope basis.  You should wear gemstones according to year horoscope because on every birthday your horoscope for the year changes according to Lal Kitab and Vedic Astrology. Events for the year and target to achieve for the year will also chance in your life. You will have to give different priorities to your targets or goals to achieve every year. Presently this site will take automatically year which is running according to your date of birth e.g. 2016 or 2017.  After this next screen will appear where you will have to select a Gemstones to wear and also select its position where you want to wear e.g. on finger, neck or any other body part. After selecting this click on Add Gemstones button and now add metal in which you are wearing. Then again click on Add Gemstones. Similarly you can add multiple stones and if you want to know the result and luck percentage of selected gemstones and metals then click on show result. It will tell how much luck percent is changed after wearing Gemstones. So in this way you can decide which gemstones will give you good results or bad results. You can also check the accuracy of gemstones advised by any Astrologer if that is working perfectly or not. Presently this feature on Mohan Astrology is free. Since Gemstones gives miraculous and disaster effects so we recommend to share this article with all your near and dear so that they could best out of this.


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