Shree Super Luck Changer

Category: Lal Kitab
Price: Rs. 300000
shree super luck changer

Best for advance professional of lal kitab astrology, Indian vedic astrology, vaastu on horoscope experts and fengshui experts who profess on the bases of horoscope vaastu

According to horoscope, a malefic planet is through to bring bad luck and misfortune. The malefic planet can be changed to benefic planet by using this luck changer software.

Shree Super Luck Changer Software contains the following items:

  1. Vedic Astrology: Birth Details, Planetary Position, Sudershan Chakra, Friendship Chart, Sadesati, Planet Bol,House Bol, Ashtakvarga, Maha Dasa-Antar Dasa, Antar Dasa-Partyantar Dasa, Partyantar Dasa - Sookshma Dasa, Sookshma Dasa – Pran Dasa, Yogini Dasa, Char Dasa, Shadvargas Chart, Saptavargas Chart, Dasavargas Chart, Shodasavargas Chart, Vargas-All Charts
  2. Gandmool, Manglik Vichar, Kalsarpa yoga and remedies, Panchak, Rahu kaal
  3. Luck percentage: Birth Luck Percent, Yearly Luck Percent, Monthly Luck Percent, Daily Luck Percent, Hourly Luck Percent
  4. Positive points (auspicious person, rashi, animals, birds, items, plants and trees, color and gem stones)
  5. Tips on Astrology, Vaastu and Gemstones
  6. General Vaastu
  7. Numerology
  8. Lal kitab basic predictions
  9. General predictions of horoscope
  10. Check dress color
  11. Suggest dress color
  12. Fine tune car color
  13. Suggest car color
  14. Profession plus and minus points
  15. Marriage yogas
  16. Important events
  17. Check gem stone
  18. Vaastu on horoscope
  19. Daily lucky timing
  20. Lal kitab basic predictions and remedies
  21. Lal kitab Debits (Rin)
  22. Lal kitab birth predictions
  23. Lal kitab maha dasha
  24. Lal kitab varsh charts
  25. Lal kitab varshphall
  26. Kundli Matching on Birth Horoscope
  27. Kundli Matching on Navmsha Horoscope
  28. Possible year of marriage
  29. Kundli milan
  30. Advance kundli milan
  31. Manglik vichar
  32. To donate or not
  33. Success graph
  34. House yoga
  35. Transfer yoga
  36. Safety Remedies
  37. Precaution Remedies
  38. Luck change classical
  39. Luck change after remedies
  40. Luck change super by lal kitab remedies, vaastu, fengshui